Selah’s Evening of Hope


We are grateful for each one who made this evening possible!




Mr. & Mrs. Edward Earwood

Mr. & Mrs. Chris Phillips

Evening of Hope Recap

Our Speaker: Dr. Ron Allchin founded The Biblical Counseling Center of the Greater Chicago Area in 1989 and served as its Executive Director until 2015. He holds a Doctorate of Ministries in Biblical Counseling and is a Fellow and Board member of the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. Currently, Dr. Allchin serves local churches through training and teaching. He also serves with the Low Country Biblical Counseling Center in Charleston, SC. Dr. Allchin’s direct influence has extended to key figures in the Biblical Counseling world such as Bob Kelleman, Steve Viars, and Tim Bryant.

Musical Programming: Steve Pettit Ministries seeks to glorify God by supporting the local church through services, concerts, conferences, and unique events emphasizing gospel-centered evangelism and Christian leadership development. Their talented lineup is sure to make this evening a delight!

Our Year in Review

Through your faithful partnership, 2023 was a year full of fruitful ministry! We were able to provide over 500 virtual and in-person counseling and ministry coaching sessions for ministry leaders. Many of these sessions proved to be “life-line” rescues for these families. The scope of our reach extended to ministry families throughout 24 different states and 21 countries–and the calls for help are increasing rapidly. As we ministered to families through much-needed counseling, God provided for and brought to completion the renovation of our onsite counseling accommodations and counseling offices–We can’t wait for you to see it in person. This year also was a year of expansion as the Lord brought additional on-site staff as well as adjunct associate counselors who helped bear the virtual counseling load. It’s amazing to watch God assemble our team to minister to His servants for His glory. A highlight of our year was our annual Refresh Retreat where we were privileged to provide refreshment and nourishment to 100 ministry leaders from so many different ministries. We heard numerous testimonies of pastors and missionaries equipped and encouraged through this retreat.

Looking Ahead

As excited as we are to watch this God-enabled growth, we are burdened by the alarming trends that continue to plague so many dear ministry families. Currently, 65% of pastors report feelings of loneliness and isolation, yet, the same percentage are not seeking or receiving any professional help or support. (The Barna Group)

We want to do even more to support these families and we need your help! As this faith journey continues in 2024, how might God use you to encourage and strengthen these ministry leaders and their families? In the upcoming year, we are asking the Lord to provide an additional $17,000 in monthly sustainable income.

Would you pray with us as we trust the Lord to meet our needs? The requests for help continue to increase, so we must expand our full-time staff to be able to run the ministry (financial manager, CEO to run the ministry, etc.). We also need additional sustainable income to meet the property development and maintenance needs.

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