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These intensives are essentially “Spiritual Health Checkups.” We would love to travel to your church and provide training in any of the specific areas listed below. Should we not be doing more to help our families build Biblical boundaries within their personal lives and homes and within our own church family, to lessen the need for other crisis programs? Why do we have to wait for marriages to fail or relationships to break? These workshops are designed to strengthen local churches and believers by drawing attention to weak areas that need confrontation and care before they escalate into a crisis.

Selah Conferences and Workshops (2021-2022)

The Five Pillars of a Christian Home

The Christian Home is under attack. Our culture is undermining the very foundation of Christian marriage and family. This seminar will give confidence and practical help to parents as well as couples preparing for a family by exploring the biblical foundation of what the Bible says about establishing a Christian home. Topics include: Current Cultural Attacks on the Home, Biblical Instruction and the Home, Authentic Biblical Authority, Learning Responsibility, and Biblical Discipline.

Parenting by Faith*

Regardless of what our culture may be indicating, it is still possible to raise godly children that love God and desire to serve Him. This seminar will dive deep into the heart issues and the dynamic of putting into practice the timeless principles of Ephesians 6:1-4. You will discover how to develop godly goals for your children, how to develop open communication, how to establish godly boundaries and the biblical model of discipline from birth to young adulthood.

Emotional Health*

The effects of negative emotions such as anger, depression, overwhelming anxiety and bitterness are controlling the lives of many in our society. This seminar uncovers the truth of what the Bible says about moving from a life that is led by emotions to a life that is led by the Holy Spirit.

Biblical Unity in Conflict*

This study is designed to help those experiencing conflict with family members, church members, or co-workers. Many of us continue to try to resolve conflicts based on how we were raised and have never learned how to resolve conflict God’s way. This teaching is suitable for settings such as church staff retreats, workplace retreats, marriage retreats and other settings within the church or workplace.

Unity in Marriage*

This seminar will provide a jumpstart toward restoring the unity and closeness in marriage as God designed it to be. Topics included are biblical change, resolving conflict, communication, biblical roles, understanding our differences and how to love in a difficult marriage.

Men Making a Difference

Christian leaders want to make a difference. These sessions are designed to encourage pastors, missionaries, and lay leaders in their walk with the Lord. We will discover biblical strategies and habits that are needed in order to truly influence others for spiritual growth and revival within their personal lives, their homes and their churches.

Stayed on Him

Expectations, loneliness, identity, insecurities, and fear rule in the hearts of many daughters of the King. This seminar is designed to help ladies experience God in a personal, meaningful way, in order to live a victorious daily life stayed on the unchanging character of our God.

* We have partnered with Lowcountry Biblical Counseling Center ( to provide these intensives to you live at your church. These trainings and intensives are accessible online at their Online School of Biblical Counseling. Learn more about their counselor training program at

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