Frequently Asked Questions

How does Selah International work with local churches regarding personal counseling situations?

Many of our counselees are referred to us by their local pastors. In fact, we view ourselves as an extension of the ministry of the local church and an effective way of serving and promoting its ministry. It is a joy for us to come alongside pastors to assist with challenging counseling situations in their ministry as well as to provide care for them personally.

What does the program for Personal Counseling look like for the average counselee(s)?

Normally, there will be two-three sessions per day, times for biblical meditation, homework, relevant videos, and outside reading. Depending on which of our satellite partnerships would be providing the lodging and place for counseling, there will be time set aside for relaxation and rest.

Is there follow up provided after completing the Personal Counseling program?

After the initial sessions with Selah counselors, we will typically provide virtual follow up sessions as needed. During that time, a transition of care to the local church pastor or the local biblical counseling center would be the normal process. We believe that the local church is the environment where God brings about permanent growth and lasting change in the lives of individuals and families as they learn to live out biblical principles.

What are the costs for your workshops and conferences?

Please contact us directly for more information. (803)-456-2988 or info@selahinternational.org

Will health insurance cover Biblical counseling costs?

At this time, Selah International does not work with third-party insurers nor provide the diagnostic codes needed for reimbursement.

What is the average time period needed for one-on-one Selah Personal Counseling?

It would be based on the need. We can suggest an overnight stay with counseling sessions for one day, or up to a full week of lodging and daily counseling sessions.

What are the advantages of Intensive Personal Counseling?

The opportunity to have uninterrupted, focused time to deal with issues allows much more progress over a short period of time. For most counselees the concentrated, intensive counseling provides a “jump start” toward the healing process. 

What is the difference between a Selah workshop and a conference?

A workshop would be more interactive with fewer attendees such as a Sunday school class, staff meeting, leadership initiative, or as a breakout session during a larger meeting. A conference would be two or more days of teaching on a specific topic. This would typically include members of the local church and even the community at large. There are specific workshops and conferences that Selah International provides annually. Each can be tailored to fit the specific need and audience.

Do you offer virtual counseling?

Yes. There will be occasions when traveling to another area may not be a possibility. Health concerns during the Pandemic may also require this for some counselees. In person counseling is the preferred method, but we are available for virtual sessions.

What is your policy regarding confidentiality?

The Bible repeatedly warns against gossip and indicates that trustworthy persons keep confidences. To release counseling information without a counselee’s consent would violate biblical standards as well as commonly accepted codes of counseling ethics. Our staff and our participants are all committed to preserving each person’s privacy. As a professional counseling ministry, we are required by law to maintain confidentiality except for when the law requires us to break it.

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